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Friday, December 4, 2009

22 - Star

Two years ago, when I blogged about the family tradition of putting up the Christmas tree, I have already noticed that something was different. Yes the boys are growing up and the kind of excitement is almost over. Gio is now 15 going on 16, and will be going to college 2011. How time flies! Gelo is now 11, and will be in his teens soon. Our babies are no longer "our babies".

This year, putting up and sprucing up the tree was a little late. We usually put up the tree after the Halloween. But the typhoon Ondoy has somehow dampened our spirit and "affected" our house, and we decided it was time to had to repaint the interiors. Well this time, it is celery green instead of the usual white boring walls. So decorating for Christmas, was done in between available time. It sounds like a rut, but we thought, "in the spirit of Christmas." And yes, Gelo still wants the tree being spruced up. After all he is still a kid.

22 - Star

Putting up the last piece of the tree, the star, has always been assigned to the youngest. Still, Gelo has that privilege, and so I grabbed this opportunity to record what he likes doing for the past years.

Christmas is near...

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