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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

17 | Light of the world

One of the joys of being a photographer is having your work chosen for some kind of "publication."  Without bragging, some of my photos were actually featured in Pinoycentric, and of course in, which I am working on.

My photo "Light of the World" was chosen for the 2009 Calendar of the Flickristasindios.  This is a photo of my 5 year old capiz lantern (parol).  Shooting it with ever changing light patterns was a challenging job.  Getting the right exposure is equally difficult.  After shooting this, only did I realize that I can freeze the light or put them on a "steady" mode.  Nonetheless, it came out well, despite it having tested my patience and my skills!

For 2010 Calendar, one of my photos was selected again for the month of August, and has the theme: Friendship.  My apologies that I could not give the calendar to all my friends since printing now is more expensive. (I only ordered 10).  Flickristasindios, is a non-profit informal organization, and does not have a seed fund to print a calendar in bulk, and we rely mainly on orders.

Again, as I mentioned earlier in my blog, I have donated my photo to be in the calendar of ABS CBN foundation.  No compensation, but it is the spirit of sharing that counts.

Then I realize, am I beginning to think I am a "calendar king"?  LOLs!

But then I further realize, some of my photos become the light of the world as it continues to inspire other people.

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