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Thursday, December 3, 2009

24 - To go or not to go?

Day 2 - Countdown to Christmas 2009

It has been one year and I never really paid attention to this busted set of Christmas lights we bought a few years back. It did serve us for at least three (3) Christmases. Not bad! Anyway, I saw this on a pile of things that needed to be disposed (We usually dispose "garbage" at the end of the year.), and I thought that, perhaps, I could make something out of it.

24 - To go or not to go?

The Ondoy tragedy brought many people to be concerned about the environment including me. (Although many critics say that the the issue on global warming is one big money-making scam, because global warming is a natural phenomenon, so they say, and we are but heading towards that direction--as a matter of course. But that is not my discourse for now.). Still, i think and feel that it is my moral responsibility to protect my "home."

So back to recycling these stars.

One of my flickr contacts commented: "reduce reuse recycle. your xmas gift to mother nature:)."

Oh yes! why not? That is what I exactly have in mind. I mentioned in my Flickr page, that I just need some time patience and time to make something out of it. Creativity is not a problem! It runs in my DNA! [pun intended--if you know that PGMA blurb!].

Cheers for an environmentally friendly Christmas!

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