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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sunset in Digos

Taken in one of my trips to Davao del Sur more than two years ago. We just attended one of the meetings of the cooperatives in Digos and going back to Davao City, we saw this God’s beautiful masterpiece. It was a tiring day and that meeting was the last leg during my trip.

Certainly, scenes like this are always a sight to behold–one that makes you leave your pains and worries behind.

As Amy Lowell aptly puts it in her poem:
The Poet

What instinct forces man to journey on,
Urged by a longing blind but dominant!
Nothing he sees can hold him, nothing daunt
His never failing eagerness. The sun
Setting in splendour every night has won
His vassalage; those towers flamboyant
Of airy cloudland palaces now haunt
His daylight wanderings. Forever done
With simple joys and quiet happiness
He guards the vision of the sunset sky;
Though faint with weariness he must possess
Some fragment of the sunset's majesty;
He spurns life's human friendships to profess
Life's loneliness of dreaming ecstasy.

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il be heading Davao from Negros by September and i'm hoping that I can take some time to rest looking at the sunset.

great shot po.

thanks, john. enjoy your stay in Davao!

Wow. Very nice picture. Haven't been to Digos, but I've been to Davao City several times. It's a very nice city (way much better than Manila) and I really like the fact that it will take you only about 20-30 minutes to go to the beach :-)

Bill- I agree about Davao being much better than Manila. Definitely! Thanks for the compliments about the pic. I do not know if they have that "regular" scenery of sunset in Digos. It was particularly humid that day, thus the great colors of sunset.

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