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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Virtual flowers for a tired soul

The Flickr community is such a great site where you could only share your images and passion for photography. In my short stay at Flickr, I have gained friends--whom I met, whom I joined in photo shoots, photowalks, and bonding sessions; and whom I have yet to meet in person--who are yet to remain as my virtual friends, both here in the Philippines, and abroad.

To a certain degree, you get to know their persona through active interactions in Flickr mails, in commenting and receiving the same in the photo streams, or just plainly looking at their photos, which captivate and strike a chord in you. However, there are times when you wonder why your Flickr buddy is no longer posting a photo in his/her thread. Then you begin to ask questions, and follow the traces and leads that might give you an answer. Some just put in their profile they are busy, but some choose to be quiet, and some post in their blogs (which are also provided in their profiles).

This is what exactly happened to Sayote Queen or more popularly known as SQ in the blogosphere and Flickr. Early on, her blog never failed to make me let go of that smile, and some chuckles. Her Flickr stream never failed to amaze my eyes and captivate my soul. Perhaps, it is because of the fact that we share the same passion--that is photography and Baguio. As I have blogged about earlier Baguio Vignettes and Of Maryhurst, Flowers and Drizzles, Baguio occupies a special place in my heart.

So, the "investigation" began after knowing that SQ took a "leave" from her photography--and I am not happy with what I read in her blog entry "Silent Tears". Being a parent myself, I rooted for her and felt what it like to lose a part of yourself. I did not know how to express my sympathy, and at the same time letting her other Flickr friends know about her situation.

Then I thought of doing "it" again. It was a success when I first did it, and why not do it the second time around? However, it might not work this time because some members might think I am just making myself popular. Nonetheless, even if my move would be misconstrued, I posted a discussion thread in Pinoy Kodakero, and Flickristasindios where SQ is also a member.

Sympathies and prayers poured. I did not send a Flickr mail to SQ, and just waited her to open her Flickr site, and notice it. And by grace, she also posted a photo after some months of absence, and it seems she was surprised with the show of affection. I immediately commented on her photo, and said:

HI SQ! I hope you are well now! Glad you are back again!
Perhaps, it was not too late when I noticed your blog....but,

The Flickristasindios, and the Pinoy Kodakeros love you, and poured out their support for you!
Her comment in the thread speaks for itself. I am just happy with the thought that even online friends can give sympathies to persons you do not even know in person, and whom you only virtually interact with. I believe, this is one of the biggest benefits of the virtual reality where we belong now. We can touch people's lives--positively.

As I mentioned in my response to her appreciation, the credit still goes back to SQ:

I think you owe it to yourself that you have touched other people's lives through your photos, and we are just giving back what you have sown in us....I hope you also start to rekindle that passion will never lose just waits for a tiny spark...go out girl, and start shooting again, and express yourself!

Again, to SQ, may you find peace and happiness after your tragedy.

This may not be the last time I will do it. If there is a need to show sympathy for a person, or rally for a cause I am not going to restrain myself to campaign. I always believe that blogging (and now photography) can produce great results, if used appropriately. I always believe that Filipinos can!

3 people have commented. Leave your comments too!:

Hi Ding, I found your blog via Pinoy Kodakeros on Flickr. You have some nice stuff here.

This is a very beautiful post. I hope whatever challenges SQ is going through is getting better. I noticed you haven't posted this month either, hope you're doing well.


I had maxed the allotted 200 pics on my flicker account. Couldn't delete any because they're all linked to my blog posts.

I should get more involve in flickr as you have.


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