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Shooting cascades in Papa-a

As soon as I saw small cascades running down the stream, I immediately thought it would be good to do long exposures. It was just disappointing that I did not bring my tripod [again!]. But then I felt I had to shoot.

Awesome sunset in Butuan City

It is not very often you get to witness a stunning sunset that gives you goosebumps. For a photography junkie like me, you should never, never, never let it pass just like that.

Winning a photo contest

Winning a photo contest for the first time (well, officially and with a prize for that matter) gives a different high!

Missing Cordi

From afar, I could already see the clouds rolling over the mountaintops. It was a sight to behold. So I asked the driver of our vehicle going to Buguias, Benguet to stop so I can capture this once-in-lifetime scene.

Cory Aquino: An inexhaustible gift to democracy

She further stressed the belief that the Filipino people, as a nation, can be great again. During her last State of the Nation Address (SONA), she said: I believe in the inexhaustible giftedness of the Filipino people.

Conversation with a cab driver on climate change

Ironically, this cab driver who would like to contribute something help curb climate change and global warming, by planting his narra tree becomes discouraged and disappointed...

At home [and at peace] with HDR Photography

HDR is not bad per se. HDR is nice to learn. In fact it is a must for non-pro like me to learn HDR to learn more about shadow and light and exposure, which is the crux of photography.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year. New Look. New Outlook!

I thought having a New year's Resolution is only for writing elementary formal themes. I am sure, many of you would share that part of grade school days when we have to write the things we promise to change or to acquire.

Of course, we have become more mature (physically), but some of us still have our Peter Pan syndromes. Still, making the resolutions come true remain to be an elusive reality to many of us, including myself.

Since it is new year, I am changing the color of my blog to white, to reflect what I feel now. (Also this is to accommodate the request of one of my readers who could not read in black background). So I hope Fe (yes, her name is Fe, a former colleague in PBSP), could read my blog better now. Hehe.

Nonetheless, I still do not have a list of my new year's resolution. Besides, I could not say much about the future. It is very difficult to promise something, but could not deliver what I have promised because the world is not within my control. But I would like to quote Milan Kundera, one of my favorite writers:

"We must never allow the future to be weighed down by memory. For children have no past, and that is the whole secret of the magical innocence of their smiles."
I just want to be happy ans take life's course. And now I realize, I wish to become child-like again!

Happy new year again, folks!

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