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Thursday, December 10, 2009

16 | So-so upload for the day

This is it!  Now I am finding it so hard to really be religious with a countdown thingy.  What more with a "Project 365"!  That--I will not go into--definitely!

No matter how much effort you put into a certain "project" there are things or events that happen unexpectedly.  Even if you strictly follow a schedule, sometimes, this could not just be followed, especially when your physical body gives in.

The day was busy.  There were tons of emails to reply to.  Write-ups to prepare.  Backlogs to complete.  A tired body to deal and overcome with.  All of these happen in one morning when your body would like giving up.  But sometimes you cannot cheat your body and have no other logical choice but to give in.  A 5-hour sleep, I guess was enough to rejuvenate.  Indeed it was a deep sleep. Now back infront of my laptop--to work to catch up on Facebook, my flickr, and my blog, among otehr things--then back to work again.  I just hope to finish everything before dawn tomorrow.

Still, I am happy, because it is the season to be such!

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