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Monday, August 13, 2007

CSI Detective Wannabe: Tracking down my “Anonymous” detractor

This morning, I was very excited to post my previous blog entry in PinoyBlogoSphere. As soon as I posted my entry at the PBS, and the link to my blog, I immediately got a comment. I thought it was cool! However, instead being delighted, it dampened my spirit, instead. I admit that I was furiously mad infront of my PC. But that was just a normal reaction, ins’t it? What added insult to the injury was the fact that the comment came from an “Anonymous” person. “She” gave a name at the bottom of her comment, though (so I will call her a “she/her” in the meantime). Being a naturally polite and thinking person that I am, I did not immediately reply because I wanted to be very cautious in handling the situation. I went out, puffed one stick, drank ice-cold water, and then went back infront of my PC to compose my polite rejoinder.

Coming back from the bookstore this afternoon, I was still thinking if I should blog on the incident to get even. However, I wanted to be sure of my action. Hence, I browsed on topics about netiquette and I found out that it is simply not proper to get even because my blog is already a public domain. It was fine with me.

So what will I do? Ignore “her”? No.

My a la CSI personality trait told me to further investigate on where this nasty comment came from. I have proven in my past work (and my wards can attest to that) that I have some capabilities in investigation or get some leads whenever there are problems. But how on earth could I find my “detractor”? We have millions of bloggers around the world!

It is very simple, actually—I thought of using the “stat counter” or SiteMeter.

We thought the stat counter is simply for tracking the number of your visitors. For those who do not have a widget like mine, be informed that it can also be used for tracking the location and even the site(s)—your entry page and exit pages; including the time, exact location, map coordinates, and even the ISP provider for some visitors. This reminds me about Die Hard 4.0 when the FBI tracked down the hackers. (Woohoo! I am having fun!)

A CSI detective wannabe, I did the following:

  • I took note of the time “she” posted “her” comment.

  • I clicked on my SiteMeter and looked at the details—made a “ranging” of the visitors within that specific time to narrow down the possible suspects. The entry point is PBS. So that means all PBS members are “suspects”.

  • Of course I have to narrow down further and reduce number of possible suspects—I took note of the location. It is from Ontario, Canada, so almost majority of the PBS bloggers are eliminated (Thank, God!).

  • Is the “suspect” a Filipino living in Canada? Probably, otherwise, he would not enter PBS (by this time, I am building up some clues leading to the profile of the “suspect”).

  • How do I know if “she” is the one who left a comment? My SiteMeter also indicated the URL to the comments, so these established facts, as provided for by the entry and exit URLs:

  • The “suspect” entered my blog though PBS;

  • The “suspect” commented on my blog.
  • Did "she" visit my site after "she" commented? Yes. "She" did twice—first through the PBS and second, through one of my favorite bloggers. (If you are following my blog entries, you know who that blogger is. So join na din kayo sa profiling “suspect” ko!). So I clicked the entry point from my SiteMeter. But my favorite blogger also has several visitors. What will I do?

  • Now is the time to apply my expertise in behavior analysis. How will I do it? – Examine "her" writing style. But I have a big problem. All the comments to my favorite blogger seem so nice and very cordial. There is no way I could find out! But hey, there is a certain behavior in one of the comments. Actually it stands out because it can also be found in "her"comment to my blog.

  • I clicked the track back link: Bingo! “She” is a “He.”

  • Validate further: Check location. His blog says he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • But I wanted to be sure, so I examined his blogs again.

He whines and he rants—so that explains his behavior in the net.

Case closed.

Epilogue (like the one being narrated at the end of some movies).
He says he is an IT consultant in Canada. But he never figured out I could track him down. If I were an FBI agent, and he has committed an internet crime, he would be in jail, by now. He thought he would be incognito. But I have found him.

While I cannot do something about what he did to me, it gave me a lesson—it pays to be cordial and polite because you wouldn’t know who you are dealing with in the net. Now I can sleep tight. Mission accomplished.

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ah... you have trolls here ha! :D

well, we can never please everybody. those who comment anonymously are too afraid to commit to what they say. that's just it.

we can always say what we want to say, but of course, it has more impact if we show ourselves right? hehehe...

keep it cool.. all of us have these kind of commenters naman eh. :D

andianka-That is true. Kaya nga hindi ko na pinatulan nang husto. It is enough that I found out who he is. Hehe.

Hi... I think I visited your site twice already and I always find something to ponder on afterwards... Sad, eh? Some people just could not respect other people's opinions. But then again, that's life, parang soap opera, may bida, meron ding contravida... hehehhe...

Thanks, Darang Sisa!
You are correct! In the first place I have not done him anything wrong. If he does not like Carrie Fisher, so do I. But I am not about to discuss in my blog how lunatic the actress is. It is not just my style--prying on someone else's personal life.

Oo nga. But like a soap opera, it has a sequel, and eventually an end. This post is the sequel. Parang Star Wars 4, 5, 6.


I wonder why the two comments on top were deleted? Am I being hacked?

I think we all should be responsible for what we say and do and should be man or woman enough to face the consequence of the action if any... leaving an anonymous comment, a negative one at that is just not right! he doesn't even have the guts to show his identity!

nice post. i like the way you handled the situation and how you tracked him down. very CSI indeed! we may never know his name but you know and he must regret that comment now because he knows, you know! hehe

Happy holidays, Ding!


After that incident, I forgot all about him na. It is not worth my time dwelling in his comments. Thanks for dropping by!

hahah :D i want to join CSI :D but then again nice way of making a post about your stalker :D

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