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Sunday, December 6, 2009

20 | As we end our mourning

Early this year, we faced a big test. Losing a mother was painful. She was our mentor, best friend, a confidante, our chef, and everything for us. Losing Mamang was like losing an anchor, but just like what I mentioned in my earlier blog about her, there was a reason for her leaving us. Until now, the teacher that she is, she is still teaching us a lesson--about being a family. We have not lost an anchor, and we did not drift far apart. We realized we are safely tied up together.

As mourning ends

I could only go back to the sweet memories. Remembering her still pinches the soft spot in me, but everything has to go on, just like the way she wanted us all to be. Every time I pay her a tribute, I feel a certain loss, but her memories will always fill me.

As we end our mourning today, we raise her up to Our Creator.

She's in good hands.

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