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Saturday, December 5, 2009

21 - A star lamp is born!

Earlier, I blogged about a set of busted Christmas lights and wondered where I could use it. Then I noticed a lamp inside the bedroom, which we do not actually use for the longest time. Besides, it's sinamay fabric is already a bit faded, ergo, it does not look good. I got the lamp as a gift from one of project partners in Davao and I do not want to give it away for some sentimental reasons.

So I thought, perhaps sprucing it up a bit could make that lamp shade put to good use again. So, I tried putting the stars on, and it just does not work. I tried again, and the stars could not fill the entire shade. Then I tried again, leaving some spaces, and now I got extra 3 stars and I was tired to remove them again.

I turned off the main light and tried it out and voila! I was happy with the result! In fact I can make use of this the whole yer round since stars have that universal appeal and there are only primary colors, except for the green.

So here it is!

21 - A star lamp is born!

and the full size...


Do I have a chance at designing? I only used 2 meters of fine GI wire (that includes the wasted ones) and s small long nosed pliers to secure them in place.

I knew I could make something out of a trash!

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Pretty slick work! You made something nice out of something that was otherwise bound for the landfill...

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