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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

WE WERE A BIT LATE in sprucing the house with Christmas decors. We were all too busy doing our work after the Halloween break. It is already a tradition that a day after the Halloween, I would gather my family as I bring out the tree from its box and let the kids adorn it with balls and stars.

Gio, during his prep and grade school years, always looked forward to seeing the tree spruced up. I would see him in such awe and being so delighted with the dancing lights. When it is almost November, he would always look at the calendar and remind me that we should put up the tree and put on the lights already. Matter of factly, I just told him "after the Halloween."

When his little brother, Gelo, came into this world, he showed him how to hang the balls and stars. Gelo is perhaps even more fascinated with the tree to the extent of even pinching the tiny bulbs that scared all of us for he might actually break the bulb and get electrocuted. Hence, Gio would always remind his toddler brother not to touch the lights or remove and play with the balls. Gelo gladly obeyed. Gelo seems more afraid of his kuya than us, his parents.

Putting up the tree today is a little different because their mom is on travel. The fact that kuya is now on his teens, he seems to have lost the zest and excitement of decorating the tree. They were more busy with playing their PC game so I had to threaten them that I will uninstall it if they will not heed my commands. I did not win. I just shrugged it off, but did not decorate the tree for them. I wanted them to supposedly enjoy this moment.

Instead of getting more mad at their disobedience, I went to the mall to look for a replacement of the busted bulbs of our capiz lantern. Unfortunately, I could not find the right size. So I went home frustrated and tired only to find out that the tree still stood up without any decor at all. I realized they were busy watching Saving Private Ryan on DVD. (They have a different taste for movies at their young age.).

Finally, after watching the movie, and me reminding them, they willingly obliged. I occasionally watched them while I was checking my blog and email. As in the past, I saw them having fun and having great time together. They were even outsmarting and racing against each other on who's getting the bigger balls (because they are fewer and easier to hang) or who gets to hang more stars. In less than 30 minutes, they have done their task. They did a good job!

While working on it, Gelo realized he has grown up. He could already reach the top of the tree, and kuya is now even taller than the tree. Indeed they grow up so fast! The next thing we know, they are already getting mad at their kids just like how I was mad at them for not decorating their tree.

But wait a second! Not fast-forward yet! It is not yet done! The next thing is them asking me:

"Where are the gifts under the tree?"

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we used to put up the tree that early too. but now that it's up to lonesome me ( the kids are too lazy to help), I christmas decor may be a bit late this year. maybe next week.

Monaco, we are really early because I just want the kids to enjoy the lights and colors. Next week is not late...just enjoy it!

Nice picture of your kids decorating the x-mas tree.And looking so serious in doing their task too!
Which reminds me ,i should be taking out my x-mas tree from its box soon.We usually start first week of Dec. here but i intend to start early this time.

Regards from Lisbon!

It's a good thing that your boys are helping in the decorations.

nice and inspiring blog you have here. I'll link you up!

Aura, thanks for dropping by. Have a blessed Christmas!

Thank you, Lazarus! Please feel free to link up! I will do the same!

Its kind of sad for me to read this post. It reminds me of when I wondered at the Christmas tree every year. We haven't had a tree up in my home for years when my brother and I hit 14 (we're twins) we stopped decorating and so did Mom. I wish Christmas was still the way it used to be.

Kitty, thanks for dropping by! Well, the period of amazement of the kiddie things do stop. Why not make it different this time? Be kids again. I am sure everyone will be happy with the thought.


i hope to have a gift for my family this christmas

hi, just came across ur blog thru nesty's! Wow, nabilib ako...and it also made me think of the Christmas traditions that our family observes....

and makes me miss the family more...guess the Christmas tree has to wait till I arrive in PH on the 18th...

Hi Lui! Thanks for visiting my blog! I guess the Christmas tree is also waiting for the gifts you would put under it! hehe!

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