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Shooting cascades in Papa-a

As soon as I saw small cascades running down the stream, I immediately thought it would be good to do long exposures. It was just disappointing that I did not bring my tripod [again!]. But then I felt I had to shoot.

Awesome sunset in Butuan City

It is not very often you get to witness a stunning sunset that gives you goosebumps. For a photography junkie like me, you should never, never, never let it pass just like that.

Winning a photo contest

Winning a photo contest for the first time (well, officially and with a prize for that matter) gives a different high!

Missing Cordi

From afar, I could already see the clouds rolling over the mountaintops. It was a sight to behold. So I asked the driver of our vehicle going to Buguias, Benguet to stop so I can capture this once-in-lifetime scene.

Cory Aquino: An inexhaustible gift to democracy

She further stressed the belief that the Filipino people, as a nation, can be great again. During her last State of the Nation Address (SONA), she said: I believe in the inexhaustible giftedness of the Filipino people.

Conversation with a cab driver on climate change

Ironically, this cab driver who would like to contribute something help curb climate change and global warming, by planting his narra tree becomes discouraged and disappointed...

At home [and at peace] with HDR Photography

HDR is not bad per se. HDR is nice to learn. In fact it is a must for non-pro like me to learn HDR to learn more about shadow and light and exposure, which is the crux of photography.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My updated Lakbayan Rating

I has been 11 months after I got my Lakbayan rating. So I am now updating my Lakbayan Grade. Nothing much has changed ex except I think that I have been more often in Cagayan de Oro, been to Batanes, and Romblon in the past months.

My Lakbayan grade is B+!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

So get your grade now....I am now a "B+" from a "B" Traveler in the Philippines. I wish that I could be A- at least.

Larger than life

I have always been fascinated with images that are larger than life. Looking at the awesome macros of my Flickr buddies is a delightful experience--and I realized that even a dreaded and despicable housefly or garden fly would look so beautiful--then I begin to realize that God's creations--big, small and tiny, have something good to offer. Definitely, they are an eye-candy!

When I decided to buy a 70-300mm Zuiko lens, I was not thinking only of street photography. Then I realized that I can also use this for macro photography. There are dedicated lenses for macro photography, but buying another would be too costly on my part. So I thought I should make it a try with my 70-300mm zoom. I already have the 40-150mm but I just can't get what I want from my macro shots. For a time, I was wondering how I would make use of it. I had a hard time adjusting using long lenses and it just did not augur well for shaky hands like mine.

Nonetheless, I succeeded in this venture. The photo is one of my better macros so far. Not yet the best, but I hope I would be able to capture more tiny creatures.

You can view the rest of my macro photography HERE.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I was capturing people who are praying at the Pilar Shrine. Then I saw him in one corner. He was coughing hard and seemed so sick, which explains why he had a chair solely for himself. He seemed to be waiting the whole day for people who wanted to have their photographs taken. I wanted to get near him to conduct a short interview, but for some reasons, I hesitated. I just contented myself with taking his photo. I was glad he did not mind at all, or perhaps, he was too tired to mind me.

Photographers like him remind me of a funny experience in Baguio a year after my college graduation. I was in Burnham Park doing my photography when a middle-aged woman came to me and asked if they can have their photos taken. I did not know what to say but I was so amused. I just told them I am not a park photographer and it was just a hobby. They were so ashamed and apologized, but I told them it was okay and it was not the first time it happened to me.

I always admire these park photographers. Unfortunately, their livelihood is no longer as brisk as it was 3 decades ago, when there were fewer people who had a camera. To all park photographers like him, this is my tribute!

Taken at:
Pilar Shrine
Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Experiencing Aliwan Fiesta 2008

It was my first time to cover an event as big as the Aliwan Fiesta, the Philippines' Mother of all Fiestas/ Festivals, as it gathers different festivities in one location. This year, there were 22 festivals that were showcased--the colorful indigenous costumes, beadworks, facepaints, the heart-pounding beats, the different dance moves, chants, and the ready smile they wore can never be forgotten.

Despite the sudden downpour at exactly the time when it should start, never dampened the high spirits of the participants, spectators and photographers. In the midst of the rain, the drummers went to their instruments and pounded their drums like they were calling the gods to stop the rain and let the festivities continue. The crowd cheered on every drumbeat! The photographers would not like to lose this photo opportunity! Many of us who were in the stands covered our cameras and went out into the rain to capture that "Kodak Moment" (I have some in my Flickr album). Indeed the gods heeded the call to stop the rain, and the festivities went on like nothing happened. Despite their being soaked in sweat under the heat of the sun earlier, and soaked in the rain, the performers went on to entertain the people. It was a sight to behold. A hair-raising experience!

I am glad I was able to capture them in photos--and I will never get tired of making an indelible mark of the Philippine cultures and traditions, which I am so in love with.May this be my simple way of giving recognition to the men, women, old and young, who have painstakingly and who never get tired of showcasing their talents and their indigenous culture and tradition, as wel as their aspirations, through dance, chants and color.

I am glad I have become part of their culture and tradition, albeit only a few hours. But I will treasure it forever.

Till the next Aliwan Fiesta!

See the rest of the ALIWAN FIESTA 2008 PHOTOS

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