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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Adel Tamano on the defense

ADEL TAMANO after all is not just a prettyboy spokesperson of the Genuine opposition when he defended Islam [and even Christianity] against those who stereotype Muslims and link them to organized cheating.

He said in the Inquirer:

“But cheating is cheating whether committed by Muslims or Christians and should be condemned. The law prohibiting election fraud makes no distinction based on religion,” he said.

"Those attempting to make the issue a war between the Muslims and the Christians have completely missed the point," said Tamano. (An excerpt from the

As I have made my point earlier, it is unfair [and even pathetic] to tag Islam and Christianity with the election fraud. Some advances have been made to unite Muslims and Christians, particularly for the peace and development efforts in Mindanao.

I just hope that this election will not engender divisiveness. Not again!

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Hi Sir! Read an article abt Adel Tamano in philstar. 'New crush ng bayan' na daw cya. Hehe. =)

I guess so. Is he preparing for his bid in the Senate? Lolz!

Lolz. Baka nga. Nonetheless, cuti-pie din naman cya eh. May 'K'! =)

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