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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

INKBLOTS POLLS: 50/50 on Hello Garci

The Senate faces a big challenge as soon as Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s revived the issue on Hello Garci that was started two years ago. It can be recalled that the House of Representatives conducted its own congressional investigation on the matter but nothing has been resolved despite the long proceedings and quite a number of witnesses.

Now that it is the turn of the senate. The question is: Will the Senate finally resolve the issue this time? But the more basic question to be answered by the Senate is: Is it ready to investigate on the issue?

Early on, the Senate faces a dilemma on the focus of the investigation—whether the Senate should deal with the content of the purportedly wiretapped conversation of President Arroyo and Commissioner Garcillano, or mainly focus the act of wiretapping itself. While we felt the same dilemma, we were also entertained with how the feisty Sen. Santiago how she lambasted neophyte Senator, Francis Escudero, (which can be be watched HERE), with another famous one-liner, when Sen. Escudero insisted that Republic Act 4200 will not be violated if we listen to a recording that is not yet proven to be a wiretapped material.

Just as how the Inkblots readers are divided on the issue, the Senate is also in a quandary. Senator Santiago opined during her privilege speech that the focus of the Senate investigation should focus on the wiretapping act and not the purportedly wiretapped material. The pro-administration senators were on her side. Needless to say, the opposition wants the Hello Garci to be played in the hearings.

Finally, however, the Senate has come to terms with itself when the senators agreed this is issue would be tackled in the Senate committees on national defense, blue-ribbon, and electoral reforms. According to Senator Allan Peter Cayetano, said that “The question of 'to play or not to play' would depend how the proceedings play out through the witnesses.”

Many would agree that the playing of the Hello Garci responds to our right to information, and this would bring out the truth. However, while we hanker for the truth, we are also bound by the confines of the legal system. While we may choose to bury this issue and just move on, there there are burning issues like this that we must face and challenge. But we have to strike a balance, and ensuring the stability of the country.

In discussing this issue, the House of Representatives has unlocked skeletons in the closet. Perhaps, the Senate investigations will open up a can of worms this time. But what good tidings would it bring to our nation? Would this investigation lead to the prosecution of the persons involved? Would this investigation which is supposedly "in aid of legislation" lead to better crafted laws that can really protect the Filipino citizens' Right to Privacy?

Note: The Inkblots Polls will resume on September 17.

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The Hello Garci has now given birth to Hello Medy. I wonder how many more personalities will soon be exposed in this controversy. I would like to know the truth and finally close the book on this one.

While I do admire Ping Lacson in some ways, he's always in the thick of things, reviving this and that. For someone who has rotten baggages he needs to deal with, it would be better somebody did his dirty work for him. Pandering and showing off are not requisites of someone aspiring for the presidency. Then again, it's Philippines Politics. Can't wait what would be the next: Hello ????
ano??? lamang ako ng seven million votes??? What a charade....Cheers!

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