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Monday, June 11, 2007

Bob Ong, foccacia bread, and an eyeball

AFTER CARRYING my heavy 17 inches monitor to the shop where I had it repaired, my arms trembled and I felt so weak and tired. I realized I haven't had my breakfast at 11:30 AM. I was starved.

So I looked I for a restaurant inside SM Fairview where I will not wait in a long queue. I was lucky enough to find this fancy small restaurant which specializes in spaghetti -- called the Spaghetti factory. I am a spaghetti lover so I gave in to this craving. I ordered a combo meal of spaghetti bolognese, fried pork chop and chicken, Caesar’s salad, foccacia bread and lemonade.

There were only two of us who were dining in the place. The other one was a man who is between late 20s and early 30s, and was apparently waiting for someone (probably a date because I heard him talking in his phone and said "Where are you now?"). While waiting for my food, I brought out Bob Ong's "Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas" and read some pages. The book never failed to make me smile at the anecdotes, that I looked weird smiling by myself. Then the person, who the guy is waiting for finally arrived and turned out to be a pretty lady around his age. I thought it was interesting. Seeing the two made me think they seem to be a nice and good-looking couple. And I am not sure if it was Ina Raymundo but they look alike. I know Ina is very much married (as I have learned from the showbiz talk shows a few months back, lolz!). It could not be her. Anyway, when my food was served, I practically rammed the food in my mouth. In between chewing, I also had fun eavesdropping.

The guy was asking the lady how she was until it came to the point when he asked about her views on relationship. So this is becoming more interesting, I thought. But because the food was really great I lost track of their conversation. The spaghetti bolognese has ample meaty sauce (I love saucy spaghetti), and the foccacia bread was so tasty. I guess I even caught the attention of the pretty lady when I called the waitress whom I asked if a loaf of foccacia bread was on sale(was she interested in the foccacia bread too?). I checked the menu some details of the foccacia bread says: plain and original, baked with herbs, rosemary and extra virgin oil. So the herbs explains the different tang. It tastes like the sweet monay, but with a more full dough and an extra kick because of the herbs, perhaps. Unfortunately, they were not selling a loaf for take out.

Finally, I gorged in all my food. Then I eavesdropped again. Did the guy nail the date? I don't think so. I heard the lady loud and clear. She said something like "I don't think I can marry. My friends were asking me when would I get married, but I told them I am happy the way I am at this point in my life." And worse, the lady said "I could not imagine myself married." The guy must have been flabbergasted and felt this as a blow to his ego. Why not? He is good looking, and seems to have a stable job and financially independent. He seems to be very self-confident because while speaking with someone in his mobile phone, he exudes that confidence and quick wit.

On the other hand, I also root for the lady. The guy was full of bravado and seems a bit show-off. He spoke with someone in his phone twice and discussed about some details of a business transaction as if he was broadcasting it to the people present. This left the lady tinkering over her phone or nibbling a piece of a pizza the guy ordered for them. I thought that if it was the first date, would a guy make a call and talk so loud? Can't he make the call later? Anyway it was lunch time and, at least to my standards, it was not a life and death situation. I never heard his phone ringing. He was the one calling the other party. This is not to mention that he ordered a pizza even before his date has arrived, and that he kept on egging the poor lady help him finish it.

Poor etiquette. Bad manners. Bad date. Good laugh. Good food. Good day!

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At least you had amusing entertainment while you enjoyed your saucy pasta :)

It is my favorite pastime observing people around me. Lolz!

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