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Monday, May 7, 2007

Igorot Foot Massage

LAST APRIL 23, I attended the Launch of the First National Weaving Congress in Mt. Data Hotel, Bauko, Mountain Province. We were treated to a cultural presentation. One of the highlights of the presentation is the Igorot foot spa, where some participants obliged.

The foot massage, according to Manong who gave me one after the conference, is a pasttime of elderly men. After a hard day’s work, their sons give them the footspa in their “dap-ay” (huts). The “technology” uses coconut oil and two sticks of bamboo which are rubbed alternately on their soles, until they doze off.

When I had mine in my room, it gave me that tingling feeling, which really sooths you with the “kiliti” , until it become more at ease with the rubbing of sticks. I think the secret there is the “kiliti” factor which runs up to your spine and head until you get goose bumps (got the idea?). It is synonymous to laughing, which makes you secrete some hormones that will calm you down after.

While we hanker for other Asian-type massage (e.g. Thai, Chinese reflexology), it was a suprise even among the other Cordillera participants that we have this indigenous way of relaxation.

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Haha, nice post. Reminds me of the days I have do do it to my elder siblings for a peso.

I never got used to being "foot massaged" though. For some reason, I just end up laughing because of the "kiliti".

Bill - it would have been much better if I weren't freezing during that time. It was in April and Mt. Data is still so cold! So it brings back the old days, huh!

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