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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Unveiling my photo gallery

Earlier, I blogged about making photography my priority. I was lucky to go back to Baguio last Monday and Tuesday to start the case study I was commissioned to do. And I was more lucky when I learned that I will be going to Brgy. Gibraltar where the Good Shepherd convent is located (yes, the one producing great tasting jams and jellies). It is just a stone's throw away from Mines View park. All these augured well for a photo opportunity, as I would be able to capture images in-between work.

Mines View Park is great for capturing street life, scenes and some thing-a-majigs. I did not have to go farther. The Good Shepherd compound has a really nice garden where I took photos of anthuriums and some plants and garden pieces. And right on the doorstep of the Shontoug Foundation, where I gathered some information for my case study, are kids on the playground who willingly posed for me, and the Shontoug store which offered interesting subjects for photography.

I think, you just need a place that is teeming with almost perfect subjects, where you can practice photography. So I ended up taking 800+ shots. Of these, around 450 are good. And one of my favorites is this photo. It took me around 50 shots just to perfect this photo. The weather was not fine, and it was windy that made it harder to get images that are not blurred. I had to change the metering modes, the exposure levels, the speed, and the best positioning, etc. In my second day, the weather was better, and the wind was just right not to shake the hanging flowerpot. And the rest of the day just went well.

I just edited some of my 200+ photos that I will share in my Flickr album. I also made a special set just for this photography tryst, entitled: CAPTURING BAGUIO. You are invited to see my latest photography works. Just click the Flickr Zeitgeist on the left panel.

It also takes time to classify, pick the best photo, and resize. Gladly, I did not have to edit the colors anymore. Olympus is really great in capturing colors! I will be posting at least 10 each day to complete my set of at least 200 photos. So you are always welcome to view my photos. (However, please observe intellectual property rights.

If you like a photo that you can use for non-commercial uses (blog, school articles, and presentations) just ask me. I would be more than willing to share, provided that no alterations will be made like editing in photoshop or other photo editing softwares and you agree retain my digital signature on the photo for credits.

For my family and close friends, if you want an electronic copy for printing. Give me a wink. Just tell the size and I will edit it for you, and send you via email.

Enjoy the photos!

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kainis! kainggit naman! geez, i cant focus my cam the way you do. there must be some trick to that, right sir?

sir re: photos ofr blog, school articles flicker po nyo or what?

Nina, are you using point and shoot or DSLR or prosumer cam (the one with auto-focus zoom lenses up to 10x). Except for Baguio shots, I used a point and shoot cam lang.

It takes practice and several shots before you can establish the best shot. You must have that different view on how a flower (or an object should look). Experiment. Read on digital photography tips.

About the photos, yes, from my flickr album.

Your photographs are always breathtaking. you make everyday objects and subjects extraordinary... :-)

You've been tagged! Kindly check on my blog at:

Hope you'll join and share in the fun! Thanks.


Hi Mae! Thanks for the tag and compliments about my photos! I will try to tag others...just so busy these days!

isn't it swell when you can merge or juggle two passions? =]

try visiting also he has great reads on photographers' rights, insights on how to make shots, and other online resources. worth visiting as he does photography on a full-time basis.

hugs and kisses sa new baby, este toy mo pala hehe

safe journeys!

Doc Ian,

Sure thing! I will visit his site. I think I already bookmarked him. Aren't you into photog too?


uy the picture you posted along with this entry is really pretty :D

into photography rin... tamad lang mag-upload ng pics at magpadevelop and magpascan ng film... harinawa mahawa ako at ma-inspire sa site mo =] konti na lang haha

hokey sa olrayt! pede na ko manungkit ng mga pics mo.

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