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Saturday, December 8, 2007

My photo blog -- where two passions meet

For a time, I have neglected my photo blog, Viewpoint. I was more concentrating on social issues. But for a while, you have to face the reality that your need to look after your personal growth as well.

Being more serious in honing my craft in photography I was hooked up with Flickr, especially to my group Pinoy Kodakero where we have fun and exciting contests on various themes (from the simple [color] to outrageous [shots taken at 5,000 ft]). It is indeed fun to join this group, which also supported me in my blog action on Glorietta victims and families.

I miss writing in my blog. However, my time is now divided to work and photography and Photoshop editing (which really takes time). Good thing, my new DSLR does not require me to edit so much of the colors because it gives me brilliant ones. It only takes time when I transform my color photos into monochrome and adjust lighting for dramatic effect just like in this photo.

I tried to figure out how can I merge my two passions--writing and photography, that does not take so much of my time from work, and at the same time does not take away the passion from one craft in favor of a new one.

I have just found the solution last night when I was editing my photos. It would be through Viewpoints, my photo blog, where I could post photos that, for me, convey a meaning or a message.

So goes my my photo blog, springing back into life....

And I invite you to visit VIEWPOINTS, my photo blog for some inspiration and enlightening quotations.


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wow love the black and white picture. nice! ;)

Hi Nina! Me too! But it is more difficult withj b&W becuase it is hard to mix the right hues and contrast. I usually capture photos in color and process them in photoshop later

im not so good at photoshop but yes i edit my pictures that way too. pero simple lang, no huge effects or whatever.

Nina, I just wanted my photos to look real and not exude those dreamy effect, which for me are no longer giving the essence of capturing life with my lenses.

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