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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pretty Anne and the Amazing Bloggers!

I am smiling at the title because it sounds like a title of a carnival show, or "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Fun Factory." I am just a bit crazy. Wala lang! (Just for the heck of it!).

I have been nasty in my earlier blog. I guess that brings out the bad thing about me. But I only get impatient with people who are inefficient!

I am now feeling better, despite my suffering from gas pains (which is the reason I cannot sleep yet) and constant burping due to hyperacidity, plus the fact that my asthma is starting to attack again, I am in my elements to talk about two good things in this blog entry.

First, I finally caught on Star Movies the over-sensationalized movie "The Devil Wears Prada". All I can say is that it is a so-so movie of Meryl Streep! For me, it is far inferior from her Bridges of Madison County, and Sophie's Choice, although she did a stunning "less talk - more acting" performance which she is really good at. Nonetheless, I am still a big fan of hers. What also caught my attention was Anne Hathaway. I just love this wide-eyed stunner! What a way to cap the night! (But I did not like the part when "Andy Sachs," her character, slept with the other guy. Ugh! The machismo in me tells it isn't really cool!).

To borrow Miranda's line: "That's all!"

Second, I think I have the "moral obligation" to name some Amazing Bloggers in my blogroll after Monaco named me as one of his Amazing Bloggers. (Thanks, again pal!).

I only maintain a few in my blogroll for me to be able to regularly check on their articles. However, it does not mean that those who will not be included in this list are less important to me.

  • Ed dela Torre for a the wisdom as a teacher and as an agent of social change and spiritual growth
  • Ruel Tafalla Photography for his different take on photography. I just love it!
  • Mother of Two by ApplesH for her cute articles about her little boy!
  • So far, So Good by Doc Ian for sharing the passion for community development
  • Literary Ek-Ek by Buraot/Ross - this is relatively new, but it caught my attention because of his love for his family. He can tickle your funny bone too with his Anak ni Kulapo blog. Mabubu-ang ka.
  • Señor Enrique - because I am just a fan of this great writer and photographer. Do I need to say more?
  • Vanilla and Caramel - not because she is my friend, and not because I just love the way she expresses her crisp wits. I love her more because of her great love for Zack!
  • Underside by Nina Bumanglag - for being vocal and a true Maroon!,
  • Darang Sisa - for her heartwarming articles, and of course,
  • Keyboard Monologues by Monaco for his different take on any topic under the sun, and his fearless punditry

For the rest, please give me time to read your blog.


11 people have commented. Leave your comments too!:

i like anne hathaway but her choice of roles aren't so good. except for her role in brokeback mountain, that is. i like the book better though. but i loved meryl streep!

thanks for the complement! ;)

Thanks! I appreciate your taking time to read my articles. Cheers!

Nina, it was actually my first time to see Anne. Regarding the complement, I readily appreciate people if they deserve it! Cheers!

ApplesH, it is always heartwarming reading your articles about parenthood.

Hey, I'm on your list! Sweeeet! Surprised to see me on your list, actually. I rarely deal with "serious" matters. Thanks and let's all keep blogging! Cheers!

the mission becomes lighter when you know that you're not alone, sweating it out =] you somehow fuel my hope further =]

thanks for the special mention =] God bless us all! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas =]

thanks ding. I also caught "the devil weras prada" on star movies having missed it in its theater run. another meryl masterpiece if I may say so.

First time I saw Anne Hathaway was in princess diaries. Pretty, cute, beautiful, stunning wide-eyed lass. I must admit I was shocked to see her bare her breasts on brokeback mountain.

From the few posts I read here, you really deserve the amazing blogger award.I'll check out later your list of amazing bloggers. I have not been to their sites.

Hey, I liked ur blog.. :) keep goin..

weheheh. sensya na.... tagal ko di napasyal..

buti na lang naispatan ko dito yung pic nung ex ko. (*ehem*) napansin ko tuloy na na-tag mo din pala ako.

tenks kahit madalas ako absent. bakit kasi natuto akong mag blog. hayan dami ko na tuloy. baka mag full time na lang ako ulit magsulat kaya. kaso mo, kelangan kumayod. anyhoo, tenks sa award mo tol.

Okay lang, buraot...take your time!

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