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Monday, November 26, 2007

Between two passions

Finally, I have the time to blog. I have been busy for the past weeks finishing a case study on water system delivery. And I am about to embark again on a journey, which is related to work. For my avid readers (Bwahahaha! Feeling!) do not worry, because when I come back, I will be bringing with me a whole new set of experiences, memories and vignettes.

I am now caught between two passions--between blogging and photography. That is why, blogging may take a back seat for a while and concentrate on my renewed passion, after my loving wife bought me THIS ONE. Who would not be excited? I have a new toy!

Having this one is making me nuts, though. I have to learn from scratch and feel like Grade 1. From point and shoot to DSLR--would require such patience, as it was a lot easier to get good photos with point-and-shoot cam. I got disappointed with my first shot, my second shot, and my 10_th shot. Sigh!

So, in between writing my case study, I have to hold it and and take some photos for practice. I would not want to quit.

Still disappointed.

Got to read that manual, once and for all!

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I wish you all the best in this renewed passion of yours, Ding. I visited your photoblog and found great pictures. You certainly have an eye for photography.

that's a great shot, ding. I, too, was interested in photography some years back but had to give it up when work was too taxing. I regret that decision looking at your photos. nakakainggit. he he he.

I hope you have time for a meme because I tagged you in my blog.

Oooh! Olympus EVolt! I considered buying that for a time (I like Olympus), but it was too expensive. Ended up with a Fujifilm camera, a birthday gift from my husband. No complaints. Have fun with your new toy! Looking forward to seeing pictures from your new camera!

wow, i hope i can also shoot! it's been my interest eversince my classmate who also love photography inspired me... hahaha... that was like last year? when we were in first year. owell, if only i am not in medicine, i have a lot of things too that i can do... owell, i love my path right now, take it one at a time. of course i cannot drop blogging so as much as possible i write an article a week. owell, do you have a cam already? nikon is nice... i mean so far, based from my observations, nikon takes better colors than the other brands.

I just arrived from Baguio now. It is 5am, and I had a great time using my cam for my first photo shoot, after work and lunch break. Can't wait to post the photos in my Flickr site!

Lazarus, thanks! It has been my passion since college. Been into it after I worked but photography then was way too expensive with the contact prints, then developing. So with a renewed passion, I am trying my best to further develop my craft.

Monaco, photography for me is my way of relaxation. It becomes an outlet for my stresses.

Cez, it may be expensive, but my wife loves me so much. Hehe. Actually, I begged, and begged and begged, when she went to CA. I think we have the advantage now that the dollar is getting weaker. We have more purchasing power! Go Philippines! Actually, even if the peso strengthens, mahal pa din talaga dito. If I buy that here, it would be more than 50 grand. I had a savings of at least 20K.

Dack, yes, I have. I prefer Olympus though. Nikon is a very good camera.

wow nice photo sir. where this you take this one?

That was taken in Batanes, Nina. Thanks!

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