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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I see a lurking devil!

"Tell me what you see in this figure," I once asked when I administred this projective technique test to one of my subjects when I was in college. Yes, we call our participants, subjects, in Experimental Psychology and Psychological testing [and we feel like we are the "Royalty". Smile!].

After the test, I had to put some meanings to what he said, by tagging his responses with some codes that have corresponding meanings. If they see a furry animal, "fur" corresponds to a "tag" and a meaning. If my memory serves me right, a "fur" is either a fear or an affection, depending on the nature of the response--it has something to do with relationships. It is either you have strong affection for your loved ones, or you fear about your parents or someone in authority.

If the Rorschach inkblot test was meant to dig deeper into your personality, they now experiment to make use of this to help us "adjust" in the more mundane tasks, like remembering passwords.

Here is an interesting article about the use of inkblots in remembering passwords.

And you might, as well try the test below the article and come up with your new password.

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