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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On dead wife and "Antipolo States"

I came across one blog that really tickled my funny bone. It is the blog of Francesca who lives in France. One of her blog entries talks about two letters, which I find really outrageously hilarious!

The letters say:

Dear Francesca,
My American boyfriend's wife died two days ago. My bf said, he would file a divorce so that we can marry. Can I marry him even he is not yet divorced? How long can we get married if his wife died two days ago ?

Pamplona, Iloilo

Dear Francesca,
I am filing my papers to pass to US Embassy this week. My American bf kept on reminding me that I must put the "State" where I am presently living. I live in Antipolo, Philippines like you, and would like to ask if I can put Antipolo States as my address? My bf insist that I should do. He live in California.


4 people have commented. Leave your comments too!:

I dropped by Francesca's site earlier and read this over there. Hilarious, isn't it?

Hahaha, thanks sa entry na to.Bow.

Kakaloka minsan mga emails, lalo na sila ay serious mails.

Thanks sa visit. Ba, we add each other sa links ha?

Bon courage sa blogging!

A blog like yours deserve to be linked!

Oh! they are serious mails? I already linked you.

@Eric, yeah, francesca writes it with fluidity and I could almost see her facial expression during times especially when she faces the butler. Hehe

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