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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trying out on scrapbooking

Scapbooking has become so popular these days, that almost all bookstores seem to be filled with cutesy thing-a-ma-jigs about scrapbooking. There are even TV shows featuring this form of arts and crafts.

I wanted to make one, basically to store the prints of my photos. Disappointingly, however, I have no plenty of time to spare specially that I am busy working on some reports.

Finally, I tried to have a hands-on on scrap booking when I was forced to help my son make his "prayer book" which was given as an assignment in their religion class. His teacher told them they should make their prayer book really neat and beautiful. So, I thought, making a scrapbook-like prayer book would be a nice idea.

There are still plenty of photos to be organized into a family album. Just had no time to put them all together. Plus, I still have to edit photos stored in some CDs before I could print them. My wife and I planned to put these photos into something like a scrapbook. Again, if time permits.

But then, I was forced to make one for my son. The 6-page prayer book, a la scrapbook, took me 3 hours to do. Not bad considering it was my my first time to make one. And my two sons were just too eager to help, especially when I started burning the sides of paper where I printed one of the prayers or when I made a frame out of a special hand-made paper I bought from NBS.

Perhaps, I could make this into a profitable venture like what my friend, Jewels does. After all, I still have my artistic juices, I think.

Not a bad idea at all!

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