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Friday, July 20, 2007

At 7400 feet

At 7400 feet
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It was my second time to pass through the Halsema Highway in Benguet where we can find the highest point of the Philippine Highway System.

The first one was 16 years ago, when Halsema Highway was still a dirt and rocky road and only the marker and cogon grass were visible in the area. I had no camera with me then that is why I promised myself that I should have a picture when I have the chance to travel through Halsema Highway again.

Now, there is a view deck, which is at the left of the photo, and a few stores left and right.

Sad to say, I liked it better then when the place was more rustic and reaching the point would seem a conquest for every Fillipino traveller. The road then was really bad. Nonethless, progress has taken its steps in this part of the Philippines and is a breeze passing through it. Although development has a drawback. See what have they done to the great view with the sari-sari stores and souvenir shops along the road.

With me were Joyce and Sharon from the Peace and Equity Foundation (Joyce and Sharon) and Vince from the Advocates for Philippine Fair Trade, Inc.

After two hours we were in Mt. Data to attend the launch of the First National Weaving Congress.

(Photo courtesy of Vince's camera because I was running out of batteries then.)

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