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Friday, July 20, 2007

Pristine Selinog Island

Pristine Selinog Island
My friends who saw this photo were always asking me where on earth is this beach.

I would say that this is the best beach I have seen so far. Even the famous Boracay Island could not compare to its pristine and crystal-clear water. The downside, however, is that the island does not have fresh water and the community thrives on rainwater. During the summer months, they have to fetch water either from Dapitan City or the nearby Apo Island in Negros Oriental.
The small community lives on fishing, some crops, sari-sari store, and salt-making, which happens to be one of the alternative livelihood projects under the "Zamboanga Peninsula Upland, Lowland and Coastal Resources Management Program" that I handled a few years back through the Philippines-Canada Development Fund. The salt-making projects was managed by a local fisherfolk association and supervised by the City Agriculture Office of Dapitan City.

This is Selinog Island Beach--2 hours by boat off the coast of Dapitan City.

Selinog Island, view from the plane. I took this after we took off from Dipolog City.
The island from afar. Are we there yet?

Almost there!
Off the boat, at last!

The lighthouse at the other side of the island facing equally captivating Apo Island in Megros Oriental

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oh dear, as soon as I saw the photo, i want to dive!
grabeh ka linaw.
Kala ko sa boracay, but it is better than bora kasi it is still preserved, not commecialize.
Masarap siguro mangisda dyan ano?

Miss ko na pinas, may beach din sa Nice, pero tad tad ng yate at huge passenger boats.
Hindi pareho!

Yes, francesca!

When I went there two years ago, I wanted to swim, kaso, I went there to work (I visited the salt-making project we were funding). Our partners never told me that the beach was that beautiful (sayang). Although nag-wade naman ako konti to get a feel of the water. It was so cold!

And mind you, the water does not have lumot like Bora.

It is a good thing the area was declared a protected area, so tourism is not possible in the area. Good for the island because it will remain to be beautiful and preserved.

Sobrang ganda. It is actually my first time to see photos of this place (or even of Dapitan)

It is a good thing the area was declared a protected area, so tourism is not possible in the area. Good for the island because it will remain to be beautiful and preserved.

Oo nga po. It's better to leave the place alone. It's enough for me to know that this kind of paradise still does exist.

Thanks for dropping by Cathy!

gud day!
i have been on that island way back 2007 on a construction verification job.
its a perfect getaway. more developments should be done particularly on transportation but the island should be preserved.

Thanks, JIm! Yes, they must develop the place but only for basic services like water system

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