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Thursday, October 25, 2007

An Offering for the Glorietta 2 victims and their families

Photos in this blog entry are courtesy of Prof. Lalaine H. Siruno of UP Dept. of Philosophy
which she sent through email as her show of support and sympathy to the families.

This blog entry is dedicated to the victims of Glorietta 2 Blast.
It has been a harrowing experience for the entire country,
especially for those who have lost their loved ones and those wounded but survived.

Many have offered their prayers and condolences in various ways--
and this would be one of them.
Pinoy photographers and bloggers,
who in their virtual existence,
have shown the world that virtuality does not become an obstacle
for one not to offer one's prayer, condolences, and good wishes for the afflicted.
In this fast-paced existence,
these same virtual people have become a virtual community,
living up to the Filipino tradition of damayan, or the Filipino value of pakikiramay.

To the families of the Glorietta victims,
we offer these prayers,
we are giving you these virtual flowers,
as our way of sharing with you the pain that you feel right now.
We hope that through this humble offering from your fellow kababayans,
here in the Philippines and abroad,
we would help heal your wounded body and spirit.

Together we join in praying the prayer posted by Rhodora in her blog:

Loving Father,
we pray for the families of the victims
of the Glorietta bombing at this sad and difficult time.
We pray that You will bring comfort to them,
and give them the peace which encompasses all understanding.
We pray that in all of their grief and sadness,
they will not feel alone,
but will always be conscious of the reality of Your presence with them.
And lastly, Lord, we pray for love in every hardened heart;
peace in every troubled soul and enlightenment in every confused mind.


We Care:

Pinoy Kodakero (38 photo enthusiasts, pro photographers
and still counting--as of 3:57 PM 10/26/07)
Semana Santa Filipinas (sorry no link since it is exclusive to group members,
so I am posting the links of the members): 15 photographers/enthusiasts
rouel-tofe, geto, bekbeklozada, eric celudo, celso capili (private photo), pauloruiz, bleak 1, bleak 2, kabuki, phlenareh, lulot ruiz, Never sleep, never die (no link), jemuel paulino (no link), marc (no link), virgen del caracol (no link)

By Pinoy Bloggers:
Virtual flowers for the mall blast victims by Cyberbaguioboy
A call for peace by Señor Enrique and his friends
Let peace reign by Rhodora and her friends
Let there be peace by ScroochChronicles and her firends
May you find peace by Nerdluck
In Memoriam by Beachbabe
Requiem by Deeper Shade of Soul
E-flower for Glorietta Victims by ApplesH
Wildflower by Merman
Crater by George
Virtual Flower Offering by Legally Inclined

Rosa Paz-Ang said...
I've just read the article from and so your blog site is already featured :) Very nice & thoughtful idea.Btw, anybody there who has a nice picture of white carnations? One of our former officemates in WeServ/Fujitsu believes this is Leslie Domingo-Cruz's(+) fave flower. It will be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...
well prayers to the victims and the families they left behind.

Anonymous said...
i will make a link on this my friendster.not to promote friendster but i think it has the most members worldwidekudos to you ding for this earnest move...

Datch said...
i am with you sir! we may have different ways of expressing condolence to the bereaved families of the deads in the recent glorietta bombing but count me in with those who categorically and unequivocally condemn this unprecedented mischief!no people of religions approve of it other than those godless villains who are unfettered by their conscience to do the same just to fulfill their selfish political interests. be these scoundrels from the "rebels," oppositions, third party or from the government, GOD DAMN THEM ALL!

Glecy Cuenco through Email:
On behalf of fellow bloggers, thank you so much for the glorietta blogsite you created to generate collective prayers and action - for peace in our land and to pray for the gloriettea blast victims. Initially, may I contribute the "I AM" prayer in the Attachment, which if prayed slowly and meditatively, connects us to our Higher Soul - the Divinity in each one of us, ("ATMA NAMASTE" in the Hindu tradition) but which is also taught by the Lord JESUS in the Gospel when he uttered "Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit." Ding, pls. post the I AM as my contribution to our collective thoughts and prayers. Please recite the prayer in silent meditation and feel the outpouring of spiritual energies as you read it. You may bless our country and those injured right after the I AM meditation.

"I AM not the Body.
I AM not the Emotion,
I AM not the Thought,
I AM not the Mind,
The mind is only a subtle instrument of the Soul.
I AM the Soul.
I am a Spiritual Being of
Divine Intelligence,
Divine Love,
Divine Power,
I AM one with my Higher Soul;
I AM one with the
Divine Spark within me,
I AM connected with God.
I AM one with God.
I AM one with All."
- Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

eam said...
I feel for everyone especially to the bereaved families and those who were wounded. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
diwAta said...
nakikiramay ako sa mga naging biktima ng Glorieta Blast. mahirap pero kailangang tangapin at magtiwala na there is a reason and a greater plan

Joyce Sosoban Said:
"Dear Lord, I pray for all the blast victims — those who died and those who've been hurt. May You give them comfort during this time of pain and trial. May they see Your hand in this incident. May a greater good come out from this event."

Many Thanks to
the Pinoy Bloggers who have responded to this call,
the Pinoy photographers who have unselfishly shared their work,
those who posted comments and inspiring words to the bloggers,
Inquirer.Net and Mr. Erwin Oliva who have informed the world,
to PinoyBlogoSphere for supporting this cause

For those who wish to express their messages, you are still welcome!

9 people have commented. Leave your comments too!:

I feel for everyone especially to the bereaved families and those who were wounded. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Ding, this initiative is great! Well done.

Thank you eam, I know you are busy but you still managed to drop a line here for the glorietta victims.

Thank you Cez and Lani!

I encourage all bloggers to leave a message here to be properly acknowledged.

Salamat for all your support!

nakikiramay ako sa mga naging biktima ng Glorieta Blast. mahirap pero kailangang tangapin at magtiwala na there is a reason and a greater plan

Yes, diwata, we are one with them, and I too believe that God has better plans for them. Thanks for showing your concern

I read the Inquirer article first then I found out that you actually know my sister Cez. Great job sir!

Thanks, Lanie. I guess we are all into this now.

Joyce, that is a wonderful prayer, my friend!

Yeah, that's the official google PR. Cguro may bug. Pero sana nmn ito na nga. hehehhe

Yes, grace, it could be the real PR checker. I downloaded a google tool bar with the PR checker in it. Indeed, my PR is 3, and 2 for viewpoint.

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