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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Baguio vignettes

(Note: I wrote this sometime in 2004).

Anything about Baguio is good and beautiful to me.

Why? I grew up there as a person. I studied there for 4 years and worked for another 2 years. Despite some heartaches and difficulties, Baguio has a special place in my heart. I do not know exactly the reason why I would never, ever forget Baguio! That is why it was hard for me to leave Baguio in 1991. Had it not for a career change, I would never leave Baguio. In fact I even had a pajama send-off party with two of my girlfriends (dahil kami na lang ang natitira sa barkada that time), and there I had to let go of my favorite cardigan and my fluffy white mufflers to each of them, and going home at 6 am, practically chilled! Who would not? That was January and the coldest month of the year!. Anyway, we slouched in the attic and ate cookies, baked spaghetti with lotsa mozzarella cheese as toppings, barbecue, and soda courtesy of my girlfriends. We talked till the wee hours in the morning—about our present lives then, our plans in the near future, and what we would become in our respective careers, and many more! This reminds me of the conversations of 3 young professionals inside the bus on my way home. Just like us then, they were 3—one guy and 2 ladies, saying parting words because the 2 ladies are going abroad, and they also wondered if they would still see each other again. Well, that scenario made me smile but at the same time made me sentimental again that drove me this afternoon to email my girlfriends abroad and my buddy here in Manila—telling them I terribly miss them. (And I almost cried while writing that email!).

Looking back in time, and seeing the present is always my favorite pastime, which is a form of therapy to me. Dreaming about the future is something I always look forward to—everyday in my life. And having the chance to dream about my future empowers me to take control of my life.

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