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Saturday, December 29, 2007

On hurdling challenges

The year 2007 has both been easy and challenging for me.

Personally, it was satisfying because I got the chance to look after my growing sons. Being on consulting work and working at home gave me that enough leeway and free time to look after them. At the same time, it gave me that rest I have been longing for.

It was also an opportunity for me to take on blogging (read: writing), which I have always wanted to do. Blogging gave me that opportunity to expand my horizon and views about many things. It also gave me that chance to meet great people online.

I also got engrossed with photography, which is my first love, actually. Being unable to draw or paint well, photography gave me that chance to delve into visual arts.

My almost one year "rest" if I may call it that way (although I am working in the comforts of our home), however, was a sudden shift in my professional career. For the past 19 years, I have been up and about, and working from one project to another. The sudden slack time sometimes bored me. Gladly, there is internet where I could channel my spare energy. When I go out for meetings and mall hopping (which is very rare), sometimes I even wonder if I still know how to cross the street. (Smile!).

Working on consulting projects also means smaller income. But I was glad I was able to get through it. And I am just happy that I would be working on another project in 2008. That should get me off my seat and become busier again. But I have to wait until I sign the contract. Lols! Does it mean less time for blogging? I hope not. My work is related to my other blog: Views with a Point, and I should be able to take off from there.

The year 2007 was both a challenge and a blessing for me. There are no misgivings--simply an appreciation and learning from what 2007 has given me. I just hope year 2008 would be kinder to me.

Happy New year to all!

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happy new year ding! may 2008 bring happiness, good health and good luck for your and your family.

sir ding, are you talking about GEM3? kasama ka na rin po ba namin ulit? if so -- YEHEY!!! hehehe... marami na ulit tayo... happy new year po!

Every year , there is always time for improvemnts and new achievements.
All the best for you and family to the coming years...

Monaco, Nina, May Love, Francesca, ApplesH, Happy New year!

May Love, yes, so see you again in Davao soon!

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