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Monday, August 6, 2007

New look

Finally, I have come to terms with how my blog would look like. I have experimented on some templates but could not just get the feel of it. For me, they look limited in one way or another. Perhaps, it has also something to do with my banner heading. I didn't like wordy headings (as I have learned from my hands-on practice of journalism), but it should, at least give a hint of what my blog is all about.

I thank Doc Ian for giving me a better idea with the way he put my link to his blog as "Inkblots as he interprets life." True enough, Inkblots is a psychological test that one has to interpret.

Life is a canvass, and everything in it has a meaning, that we need to unravel. In "celebration" of some things that are good and new in my life: new month, new day, first day of the week, new job, so goes, my banner:

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happy new blog look!

glad to have helped somehow in this, redevelopment =]

looking forward to more interesting reads ahead =]

Doc Ian! thanks for dropping by. You are most welcome.

I do have some topics in the pipeline but these are more serious topics. So I am still thinking onhow these can be written in layman's terms so everyone can appreciate.


Wow!! Sir Ding! This is cool.. Surely, I could find enough time to browse your blog..Mmm very interesting!

Happy blogging time!!

thanks for dropping by, lahoo!


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