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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Counting and sharing my blessings!

Needless to say, this is the first day of the month! Last night, while I was writing about my last blog for July I wished that my first blog for the month should be something good and inspiring.

That wish was granted.
  1. I woke up early. For the past 6 months, I am a night-lurker working like a graveyard shift call center agent. Sweet life! Let's put it this way: I work at home, at my own pace and time, but making sure I deliver the outputs that my clients want from me. The truth is, I prefer to work at night when it is colder and no one can disturb me while working. Unless, I will transfer my PC to our bedroom and turn on the air-conditioning, but that is too much. My electric bill is not included in my PF.
  2. The document I was asking in my previous work, which I also mentioned in my earlier blog about red tape has finally arrived though e-mail;
  3. I sent an email to my future employer accepting their offer to manage one of their programs. I will start on August 15. I can never be grateful about this opportunity and blessing!
  4. I am officially out of job (at least until August 14), so I can blog the whole day and till "kingdom come" (Oops! I still have to finish the study commisisoned to me!).

And I thank God, Almighty for all these blessings today.


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always a good idea to count one's blessings. :)

we better be, cez. Otherwise, we would go crazy with the way things are going now...God Bless! Regards to [H]Euge!

congrats! for the new opportunity. You deserve the new job.

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