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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Population Education 101

LAST MONDAY, I caught "The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human" on Star Movies.

The movie appeared like a Discovery or National Geographic documentary on the mating practices of some species of animals. This time, the focus is on how an alien observes how human beings would measure up in this human behavior. The story narrates in a funny, anthropological and sociological jargon (or even alien lingo), the process of sexual attraction, love, single life, dating, mating or copulation process, the dreaded introduction of their mates to the parents and siblings who must approve of their relationship, fear of parenthood and the perpetuation of human species.

And these are my favorite lines:
Narration while the male and female human species are watching sunset: " 

"most say that this is the most beautiful aspect of the human mating ritual... other than the copulation..."

And this really made me guffaw; Not exact the words but sounds like this:  

"Humans must be prepared for marriage when the male and female species say sweet things, and they promise to stick with each other until they are old and yucky."

The movie was really hilarious! Those who are married, or who are about to get married would surely identify with the story.

Definitely, it was also a breather from the usual plot of romantic comedy--educational and fun--which reminds me of my Population Education class back in high school.

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