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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Understanding and embracing blogging

The first time I heard about BLOG, i was completely dumbfounded. So I consulted Pareng Webster to shed light on this. But I could not find any BLOG word in the dictionary. Was my dictionary outdated? Probably.

Then I heard about its cousin: Web Log. So I assumed that you "log" in the web or write something on it. Cool!

The first time, I was afraid to write about me and what I think or feel or even express my positions even on trivial matters. It is like opening myself up to the world! But eventually, I was able to overcome this. Besides, I told myself that when I retire, i would like to write a book about me and my family, and even about the entire clan. (Mind you, it's story is of epic proportion.). Would the book look like "Agila" that I watched when I was still in the elementary?

One of my friends even laughed at the idea that I will write a book. Who would read it anyway? I calmly but annoyingly said "No one." But it would be a repository of our ancenstral history. And it would just be for family's consumption. Period. He did not intrude anymore.

Instead of writing a book, which I think is far-fetched (and I am still young to think about retirement), I would just blog so everyone could already read what I am thinking, feeling, and dreaming.

At this point, I am still at a lost what to put in my blog. I do not want this blog to fully concentrate on me. There is also that word DISCRETION, which I have to live up to. I cannot be an open book.

So I consulted Mareng Wikipedia this time. And I think she is more updated when it comes to this matter. So I am also sharing the link with you to make you fully understand what blogging is all about....

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