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Friday, May 18, 2007

Among Governor

WATCHING THE EVENING news today is delightful. Why not? Fr. Ed Panlilio, a native of Minalin Pampanga won over incumbent Governor Mark Lapid, and Lilia Pineda, with a measly 1,147 votes. The proclamation was a sight to behold, not only because it was a time for jubilation. More importantly it is historical as this is the first time to elect a [former] man of the cloth.

I am not a Kapampangan, but my heart goes for the supporters of Fr. Ed. Pampanga has been a haven of controversies like jueteng, the never-ending megadike issues, and the recent controversy over Mark Lapid's alleged marriage with a Korean in the US. They deserve a new leader who is not linked, at least, to these controversial issues.

I am happy for the Kapampangans, and I wish the new governor to muster enough courage, loyalty, determination, and commitment to serve his people just as how he has served his flock when he was still a priest. This brings me to wish that my fellow Novo Ecijanos would also learn from the Kapampangans to topple down the oligarchy of Josons. (I am not sure but I think, the Josons were also defeated for the gubernatorial seat.).

It is disheartening to witness some uneventful events this elections--massive fraud and vote buying, poltics-related killings, and many more violations of the election code. But hearing and watching these good news could somehow lift the dampen the spirit of the Filipinos.

It is not yet too late to change our poltical system. It is not too late to choose a leader who can bring peace and development. It is not yet too late for us to change from within.

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I, too, am very happy and excited for the people of Pampanga.

I just hope he would be able to adjust easily into the system so that he could function well.

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