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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Profiting from blogging--finally!

Profiting from blogging--by putting up spaces for ads in my blog-- never crossed my mind. I just thought it would defeat the purpose of blogging and expressing, and aesthetics-wise, those flashing ads would just be a clutter. Honestly, too, my blog will not be sale-able since it does not enjoy the hits that would make any client interested in my blog. So I am enjoying my blog layout as spic-and-span as it can be. Forget the fraction of cents I would get from the clicks.

Anyway, I also wanted to make blogging more profitable. The reason why I started my travel blog, is to get clients who would get me into projects where I could enjoy both photography and blogging. I think I have an edge since I can write anything under the sun. The waiting seems too long. Besides, blogging took a back seat for almost two years, and regaining "popularity" and regaining old contacts from the blogosphere, would be almost impossible! Thanks to some flickr and facebook friends who occasionally drop by my blog.

When a project to manage a website came, I immediately grabbed the opportunity. It is once-in-a-blue-moon offer and thinking it would add spice to a rather monotonous work would make me a better person--and perhaps might lead me to a possible career change--maybe at this point is for some diversion of my excess creative juices. It is not blogging per se. Rather, it is a website management work. I love the idea of creating stories out of tons of materials made available to me, as well as coordinating with writers and beating deadlines. Not to mention learning the wordpress back end of the website.

Well, I might not enjoy the clicks that bring me dollars, or rather, cents, but I am enjoying the fact that I am doing something that I love--writing, blogging [read: website management], and photography--and finally earning from it.

You will never know when an opportunity like mine knocks at your door. So I am giving away some tips:

  1. Build your network - you will never know who will approach you and and ask you to write for them
  2. Improve on your writing--tackle the unpopular and noteworthy subject matter and refrain from writing on anything that can be read elsewhere (e.g. Michael Jackson's death, Manny Pacquiao bout, etc.) Why? Because it will make you a better and well-rounded writer, and will prepare you to tackle different stories and subject matter later on. The website I am working on is all about culture and development--something close to my work, but learning about culture and its ramifications becomes the challenging job.
  3. Learn about website management/ learn about editorial/ management skills
  4. Learn about web design (aesthetics for a start will do, but it is much better if you learn about SQL programming, CSS, HTML, etc.)
  5. Enjoy blogging [read: writing] and have patience.
  6. Advertise yourself. facebook is one effective tool.
  7. Patience is a virtue. The web designing process itself is a tedious job. The designing and redesigning stage will drain you or your programmer, but it pays to be open to criticisms and make constructive ones, too. Do not forget to praise your programmer if he did a great job.

So I am just proud to announce about pet project.

Hope you visit the site. Comments in the articles are most welcome!

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