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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Enjoying event photography

I know it would be too late if I blog about the much-talked about AKO MISMO advocacy and concert. So I am giving it a different slant, so that it would not appear like it was a long-overdue blog post, which was overtaken by events.

Anyway, now I cherish the fact that I was one of the official photographers of the event! Thanks to a friend who is directly connected to the conceptualization of AKO MISMO, which by the way is not politically motivated but a call for Filipinos to start CHANGE from themselves. I share this advocacy because since my college days in my psychology courses, we have always been inculcating during the homeroom facilitation classes and in counseling. Something like a Rogerian approach to counseling.

I have done events like the fiestas and festivals here and there, but it was my first time to shoot a concert. Anyway, I simply ran out of words to describe. it, but there is nothing more explicit than the photos I took during this event:

The commitment wall:
Proud Tsinoy

The people who believe in the cause:

The artists who graced the occassion:

and of course, my fellow Indios who documented the event:

...and I look forward to shooting more events in the future! {for free or for a fee - smile!}

You can see the rest of the photos HERE.

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i like that message you got from the Ako Mismo Wall of Commitment.. hahaha!

I also love event shoots! :) Aside from the wonderful photos that you will eventually have, you get to meet loads of people and have fun, fun, fun. Too bad there wasn't a AKO MISMO concert in Cebu. I could have been there too. =/

Oh BTW, I like that pic of Bamboo. :)

Thank you Fjordan!

Noelle, thanks too! About Cebu gig?....hmmmm...malay mo merong Cebu! I think they are planning it out already.
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