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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inkblots: Double R [Rants and Rates]

Life is not always pleasant. You wake up one morning and some work issues greet you, making you grumpy the whole day. Save for the photos I see on Flickr in between work, and getting nice comments on my photos.

Then getting some not really good news from my sister, the morbid stories about the Romblon disaster, the spiraling prices of oil in the world market, and some saddening stories about my wife's cousin. Last Friday seems Friday the 13th!

However, I think God is really good. At least, the tax exemption is bigger now, which would at least gives me a bigger take home pay. I just hope they get reflected in my next pay check. Overall, my household is peaceful. My two sons are behaving well. Blessings! Blessings! I would count them instead.

In my previous post, I just started to count my blessings by discussing and expressing my gratitude to PinoyCentric as the second home for my photos in the net. Then, while reviewing the Technorati blog stats in Larawang Pinoy, to see if my groupmates are reading the LP blog after all. i was happy with the results in terns of page views and unique visits. Not bad for a baby blog. Then I noticed that there was a new link on Rate my Philippines. So I clicked it and saw something familiar screen shot -- and that is my blog! So I clicked it and indeed, it was my blog which is the latest review of the Rate my Philippines (RMP) Website.

Although it did not come to me as a surprise because, in the first place, I submitted my blog for rating and to be included in their review. What surprised me is the fact that it came too soon, add to to it the very nice review they gave to my blog.

I would say, it feels good to get a very nice review from people like the admins and website reviewers of RMP. There are not enough words to thank them for making me feel good about myself today.

Thanks a lot, Rate My Philippines!

God Bless and have a happy weekend!

P.S. I finally made a way on how to perform print screen, which you can see now posted here. I think the Print Screen button of my keyboard is not functioning. Then I looked into the installation icon, and found the function called "on-screen keyboard". So I tried if it works. It did! Cool A4Tech keyboard! Now I do not have to bug Alvin to do a print screen for me. LOLs!

Also, please visit THIS LINK and rate my blog. Just click at the stars below the review. Thanks!

5 people have commented. Leave your comments too!:

hi, Rate My Philippines brought me to you. You have a very nice blog, true to what Rate My Philippines had stated in their review. keep on! will be coming back.


Hi Ding! Nice place you got here :D

Deserving of a metion at rate my philippines.

Hello Ding.

Thanks for the special mention in this article! Your blog deserves it and it deserves so much more traffic...

We hope to help in that area somehow. Keep posting. Your works are inspiring!

Thank you Ferdz for dropping by!

@RMP Admin, it is my pleasure to be featured in your site, too!

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