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Thursday, June 26, 2008

PinoyCentric - A second home

When I started with Flickr last year (2007), one of the first Flickr groups that I joined is PinoyCentric. It's group description says:

This is a place to share interesting your photos from around the world. Whether you're a pro or an amateur this is the place to showcase your best images of our people and culture - your own unique view of being a Filipino no matter where the diaspora has taken you.
From the links in the Flickr, I also stumbled upon their website with the same name. I thought it was a cool site solely dedicated to the promotion of Filipino culture, tradition, arts and crafts, and events and home-grown talents, both in the Philippines and abroad. Sharing the same vision of PinoyCentric, I was further inspired to hone my craft and capture through my lens the essence of being a Filipino, and the Philippines as a whole.

One day, I received a Flickr mail from Armand Frasco, one of the owners and admins, if they could possibly publish one of my photos and the accompanying story. Of course I was excited. It was the first time my work has been published in the net. This is the result of that short negotiation, which I also blogged here. Since then, by showing gratitude to PinoyCentric, I have contributed some photos in the group pool, and I was lucky enough that some of my works were also published in PinoyCentric. Some of these landed as weekly cover photo.

May this simple blog entry be my way of showing gratitude to Armand Frasco and the rest of the PinoyCentric Admins and Staff for recognizing some of my works.

May PinoyCentric continue to showcase the Philippines--its people, culture and the arts!

Maraming Salamat!

You can view the photos included in PinoyCentric, HERE.

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