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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I was capturing people who are praying at the Pilar Shrine. Then I saw him in one corner. He was coughing hard and seemed so sick, which explains why he had a chair solely for himself. He seemed to be waiting the whole day for people who wanted to have their photographs taken. I wanted to get near him to conduct a short interview, but for some reasons, I hesitated. I just contented myself with taking his photo. I was glad he did not mind at all, or perhaps, he was too tired to mind me.

Photographers like him remind me of a funny experience in Baguio a year after my college graduation. I was in Burnham Park doing my photography when a middle-aged woman came to me and asked if they can have their photos taken. I did not know what to say but I was so amused. I just told them I am not a park photographer and it was just a hobby. They were so ashamed and apologized, but I told them it was okay and it was not the first time it happened to me.

I always admire these park photographers. Unfortunately, their livelihood is no longer as brisk as it was 3 decades ago, when there were fewer people who had a camera. To all park photographers like him, this is my tribute!

Taken at:
Pilar Shrine
Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City

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AW, he must be long day in the sun just to have a good customer and keep living...

im sure, mahina na ang kita niya kasi:

less tourist ang bansa natin.
Mostly, mga travellers got their own cam.

but of course, he is patient, and maybe thats the only thing he can do.For the moment.

i wish him all the best.

this one touched me...

i wish him all the best, too! and as always, whenever i see old people still working at their age (when they should be resting already), i wonder what has happened to their family, most especially to their children (if they have any). ang sa akin kasi, dapat yung mga anak na nila ang bumubuhay sa kanila...

MayGod be with him always.

Great picture, sir ding!

We were here! :-)

Great posts Ding... Your site will be up on our gallery soon! Keep blogging.

maypuff and admin (Rate my Philippines), thanks for dropping by.

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