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Friday, May 30, 2008

Larger than life

I have always been fascinated with images that are larger than life. Looking at the awesome macros of my Flickr buddies is a delightful experience--and I realized that even a dreaded and despicable housefly or garden fly would look so beautiful--then I begin to realize that God's creations--big, small and tiny, have something good to offer. Definitely, they are an eye-candy!

When I decided to buy a 70-300mm Zuiko lens, I was not thinking only of street photography. Then I realized that I can also use this for macro photography. There are dedicated lenses for macro photography, but buying another would be too costly on my part. So I thought I should make it a try with my 70-300mm zoom. I already have the 40-150mm but I just can't get what I want from my macro shots. For a time, I was wondering how I would make use of it. I had a hard time adjusting using long lenses and it just did not augur well for shaky hands like mine.

Nonetheless, I succeeded in this venture. The photo is one of my better macros so far. Not yet the best, but I hope I would be able to capture more tiny creatures.

You can view the rest of my macro photography HERE.

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Ganda nga ng Macro capabilities ng lens na yan Parang na eenganyo ako bumili basing from your shots gallery :D

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