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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wind beneath my wings

It is not the first time that I won a photography challenge. In fact, 34 of my photos have already won the challenges in several groups. However, I feel honored with the way my other group Kabayan Fil-Am Photogs recognizes its weekly winners. And modesty aside (hahaha!), I won in the fourth week with this photo.

It just feels so good being recognized by your co-photographers. Needless to say, a budding photographer like me needs this kind of "ego-boost" to further develop my craft. This, i believe, is what feeds the buddings artists like me.

You may read the rest of the blog feature about me HERE.

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go go go, sir ding!

naku, pano yan. balik ka naman sa hectic life ng GEM. ahaha. hope you'll take more great pictures, such as this one (my most recent fave sa iyong mga shots). :)

good luck and God bless!

congrats ding! looks like you're getting better with this new passion of yours.

@may love, oo nga eh...kaya medyo dapat may stock ako until such time I will get busy...or make my interns my models, how is that? hehe...

thanks, monaco! oo nga, I am really hooked into it na! sana pagkakitaan ko na ito! haha...

wow! cool butterfly pic! the colors are so engaging. its summer na!!!

hi sir! indeed, very well done! like a pro, naks! =) love your flickr photos. keep 'em coming!

Congrats for winning. The pic really looks great so the win is well-deserved.

And you're right that it is something special when it is your colleagues or those who know the art are the ones complimenting you :-)

Beautiful capture, Ding. No wonder it won a top spot!


34 na? Whoa! Galing!

Thanks, Eric. That is nothing compared to other photographers...

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