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Friday, April 18, 2008

What's with DSLR-toting photo enthusiasts?

Taken before the Holy Week. The guard asked me if I am a journalist and what paper I work for. The First Family was scheduled to have their Holy Week vacation in the Mansion House. Understanding his job, I just told him photography is just my hobby. He walked away after. In my mind, I said "Good soldier!"

Although I admire him for doing his job, this makes me wonder why did he ask that question? Is it because I look like a pro toting a DSLR? Maybe yes. Public places and tourist destinations like the Mansion House in Baguio City is a subject of many photo sessions. People toting a compact digital camera will not be asked or questioned for photographing the Mansion House.

One of my photographer friends was only able to take photos of the TriNoMa mall in Quezon City when he used a compact digital camera. One of my Flickr buddies, however, were questioned by the security guards, just because he is using a DSLR. And I am glad I was able to take photos of the mall last December when I was with my wife and her friends. It appeared as if we were just tourists in the area.

On one hand, something funny, which also put me into an embarrassing situation, happened to me when I visited Davao in March and I was billeted at the Marco Polo Hotel. I was fascinated by "The Deck," which is actually the poolside of the hotel. I would not go into detail, but the story is in in my Flickr album.

I would understand hotels and malls preventing seemingly professional photographers toting a DSLR camera. Their architectural designs are copyrighted. perhaps, they fear that their designs would be copied, and perhaps some unscrupulous photographers are already making money out of the photos of their establishment.

However, if one uses a compact digital camera, no one will question him or her. Perhaps building managers should already be educated on this.

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