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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As I rummaged through my blog, I am surprised that I have reached more than 5,500 views as of today. This is not much compared to tens of thousands views by some blogs. Nonetheless, I am still happy I have reached 5,534 views as of today despite the fact that I have "neglected" my blog for 3 months. I guess, I have regained that momentum to blog again and share my thoughts and feelings to online friends

What excites me more is that my Flickr album got 6,023 views as of today! When it was nearing 5,000 views I planned to "celebrate" it, but I totally forgot it. Now, I have to "celebrate" it with a fitting photo.

Before I forget, I want to thank you, my Flickr friends who have constantly commented and visited my photo stream. you comments mean a lot to me to further home my craft. Of course, I should not forget my blogger friends, as well, who kept me company even if I was not able to maintain it for a while.

Now I am happy to announce I am back to both--blogging and Flickring!

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welcome back ding. nice to have you back to share your thoughts and wonderful photos.

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