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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Niche Blog--My new baby

I have always wanted to have a niche blog on politics and governance in the Philippines. However, there are some things that I have to take into consideration in blogging about politics and governance.

First, I have to be very careful with what I say, unless I want to be embroiled in an uncompromising legal situation. The topics in my new blog may be very ticklish, that is why I have to be more aware of the legal implications of my ideas written in my blog. You know--legal stuff like libel.

Second, I have to be very conversant with what I will blog about politics and governance. So I decided not to limit myself with just politics and governance. I have to be "developmental" so that I could cover topics such as ecology, sustainable development, poverty alleviation, public policy, etc.

Third, I must really devote time and effort for research so that I would be able to speak my mind and be relevant and with a POINT.

Fourth, I must be able to create a separate blog about this. Finally, I have the time, and I was able to make another niche blog. So I am happy to introduce my new niche blog:

This is still at its infancy, so please bear with the few and republished (cross-posted) articles in the meantime. So click this icon banner that will direct you to my new blog:


5 people have commented. Leave your comments too!:

Got your blog in your PBS post. Keep it up fellow blogger!

Makoy, thanks for the visit! Mabuhay ka!

congrats sa bagong baby mo =] nawa'y lagi kang magkaroon ng panahon sumulat =]

Doc Ian, salamat!

I just hope I would have the zest. I have too many things to write now. And it is another kind of writer's block, i guess. I just have to figure things out how I will put them together...

this is such a nice blog.. keep it up.. :)

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