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Monday, October 22, 2007

E-flowers for Glorietta victims' families

IN AN earlier post, I called for prayer and sobriety. At least there is one who positively responded to this call--that is Señor Eric who posted the prayer of St. Francis in his blog, then followed by Rhodora who posted a very beautiful prayer.

Waiting for a few hours, and when no one heeded my call to show sympathy to the bereaved, I asked 3 of my Flickr groups (Semana Santa Filipinas, Pinoycentric, and Pinoy Kodakero) to post their flower photos as a sign of sympathy to the bereaved. I was surprised with the response. I believe these people are very busy, yet they found the time to post something for the Glorietta victims' families. Many have already responded, and I hope there would be more in the coming hours/days. I never thought it is possible. We usually/ normally send real flowers. But this time, we realize e-flowers will make it possible!

Here are the links to the groups:

Pinoy Kodakero
Pinoycentric (no posters yet)
Semana Santa Filipinas (sorry no link since it is exclusive to group members, so I am posting the links of the members):

eric celudo
celso capili (private photo)
bleak 1
bleak 2
kabuki ph
lulot ruiz
Never sleep, never die (no link)
jemuel paulino (no link)

By Pinoy Bloggers:
Requiem by Deeper Shade of Blue
E-flower for Glorietta Victims by ApplesH
Flowers for Requiem by Echo
E-flowers for innocent victims of Glorietta Blast by Tom
E-flowers for Nadine

We may not be able to send real flowers to the families. But through the internet, we, photograhy enthusiasts, have shown sympathy in our own little way. The message is clear--we are one with them.

UPDATE AS OF 10-24-07, 8:30pm

This just came in!

Earlier I have called for prayer and sobriety, which was followed up by my call for photographers to post a flower for Glorietta victims and their families.

It was not expected, but fellow blogger Erwin Oliva, who happens to be a PDI writer, too, noticed my blog. Honestly I did not know how I could show these photos of flowers (read: show of sympathy) to the family of the victims. Rhodora, who posted a really nice prayer suggested television. But I guess, that would be self-promoting. Erwin Oliva is a blessing in disguise.

Below is the link to the article he wrote, entitled:
Virtual flowers offered to Glorietta mall blast victims

This is already a great leap from this lowly blogger to get the message accross the country and the entire globe. You are still welcome to share your prayers and keep on posting your flower photos (even if it was taken only with a celfone camera).

God Bless!

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Summary of supporters

29 people have commented. Leave your comments too!:

Hmmm.. the TV perhaps? If this can only be featured. :)

I was thinking about that, but it would look like self-promotion. I am just waiting for someone to get it noticed.

I've just read the article from and so your blog site is already featured :) Very nice & thoughtful idea.

Btw, anybody there who has a nice picture of white carnations? One of our former officemates in WeServ/Fujitsu believes this is Leslie Domingo-Cruz's(+) fave flower. It will be much appreciated.

You've already been noticed! I read about this in the Inquirer online edition. I'm joining in:

Rosa paz,
Thank you for informing about this. I think there is a white carnation posted in flicker group. Let me check.

So happy about this, Ding! How nice to know that we are able to comfort many grieving hearts out there through this medium. Hats off to you for initiating this endeavor.

Cheers! :)

You and eric started the ball rolling too! and of course, thanks to Erwin Oliva...

I hope this will be noticed by the families soon....

Your post inspired us to "pick" a flower and offer it to the victims of the Glorietta incident.

We borrowed the flower image that you used in your's perfect...



well prayers to the victims and the families they left behind.

@Anonymous, can you please give me your name so you can properly acknowledged? Thanks!

Hi Ding. Thanks for this simple but wonderful act. I'm supporting you on this. Please check my blog

I likewise passed this on to

i will make a link on this my friendster.

not to promote friendster but i think it has the most members worldwide

kudos to you ding for this earnest move...

i am with you sir! we may have different ways of expressing condolence to the bereaved families of the deads in the recent glorietta bombing but count me in with those who categorically and unequivocally condemn this unprecedented mischief!no people of religions approve of it other than those godless villains who are unfettered by their conscience to do the same just to fulfill their selfish political interests. be these scoundrels from the "rebels," oppositions, third party or from the government, GOD DAMN THEM ALL!

tom, that is a nice gesture, too. spread the word until it reaches the families

anonymous, thanks!

datch, I told you blogging will be good for advocacy. thanks!

i forwarded your email to friends in peace advocacy circle here sir, hope they'll engage too soon it reaches them. keep it up!

Hi, Ding... I just read about your sympathy initiative in the Inquirer. This is really touching. I would very much like to send some flowers (photos) but could not find my way around Flickr. If you don't mind giving me your email address, I can send them to you by email and you can upload them. Many thanks. My name is Lalaine. Please send me a note at: Many thanks.

I'm with you in this noble gesture. I have 3 e-flowers to offer with my condolences and sympathies in my blog.

Here is my blog where a link to the flowers i have offered is posted. (

- merman

Thank you, merman. I linked your post already.

ted, may i know the link to your blog?

Hi inkblots,
For this week, we had initially just taken a break from our satire-piece making to offer our prayers to the mall bombing victims but your idea has inspired us to offer a virtual flower as well.
We have likewise offered the flower to all activists and journalists who have been murdered in the pursuit of truth.
The Legally Inclined

Thank you, Legally inclined!
More power!

Here my blog "", where I posted 3 e-flowers.

Thanks, Ted! I posted the link to your post.

Hi Ding!

Here's my little bit to your effort: "Dear Lord, I pray for all the blast victims — those who died and those who've been hurt. May You give them comfort during this time of pain and trial. May they see Your hand in this incident. May a greater good come out from this event."

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