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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On being part of a rich heritage

Last July 26, members of Pinoy Kodakero members, (that includes me) shared their talents to a worthy cause to San Carlos Seminary in building up their Heritage Hall, aptly called Bulwagang Karlista. It was a fun-filled day, not mentioning of course the sumptuous meals given to us! More importantly, however, is the fact that we were able to share our talents for the Glory of God!

On November 3, after three months of conceptualizing, renovating, selecting artifacts, photos, and memorabilia for display, San Carlos Seminary finally inaugurated the new Bulwagang Karlista, which included the photos of the PK members.

Bulwagang Karlista (BK) at a Glance

Bulwagang Karlista at a glance

The exhibit hall is divided into 6 areas: history, seminary life, altar area, photo mosaic, snap shots and tribute wall. As contained in the brochure of BK:
The Bulwagang Karlista is not meant to be merely a repository of old photographs and dusty artifacts--remnants of an era long gone by. It is envisioned to be a shrine dedicated to the Karlista Spirit.
Indeed, BK boasts of its rich with history and pride. It even showcases a lei given by Mother Theresa to Fr. Albert Meersschaert, CICM, and the chair an chasuble used by Pope John Paul II during his visit to the Philippines in 1995.

Being part of their heritage is both fulfilling and a humbling experience. I never knew that some of my photos were actually chosen for the exhibit. Before I took these photos, I had to remind myself, this is all for the Glory of God. Nevertheless, I feel like I am in heaven for two of my photos are on display. One in Samut-sari section and one in Paghuhubog wall.

Finally, I quote:
While it may be said that the greatness of the Karlista Spirit will never be sufficiently contained within the walls of this meager hall, our collective memorial, however, is good enough beginning; for remembrance is teh language of a grateful heart.
To the Karlistas, thank you too for making me (us) part of this undertaking!

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