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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Indios Experience: A photo exhibit

The Indios' Experience: The Flickristasindios 1st Photo Exhibit

After its two successful outreach projects, Flickristasindios is now holding its first photo exhibit, dubbed as "The Indios Experience". The exhibit will showcase selected individual works of its members from all over the world.

Fellow blogger Jojo Pensica, a.k.a. jobarracuda in Flickrlandia, says:

The exhibit will be about our group – Flickristasindios….who we are, the passion the binds us together, our weekly activities, our beloved photowalks, our small projects and our Outreach Projects.
While the group exhibit aims to make a dent in photography through this exhibit, it also aims to raise funds for its outreach projects. Thus the photos, as well as the Flickristasindios 2009 Calendar, which showcases the group's photos will be on sale during the exhibit. As I have blogged earlier, Flickristasindios has already conducted two outreach projects for the Pantay Elementary School. In the midst of all the preparations for the exhibit, the group is brewing another outreach project for another group.

For the past years, the group, with a membership of 991 as of November 25, 2008 has been very active in Flickr, which has gained for itself the most active Flickr group in the Philippines that, in turn, caught the attention of Yahoo! Philippines, which is the major sponsor of the event. Also supporting this event is TriNoMa Mall, which is providing the venue for free, and Digiprint in printing of the photos.

So you are all invited to the group's exhibit on December 15-19 at the TriNoMa Mall Cinema Lobby.


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Ang problema ko is I'm waay out here in the sticks. And to think I was just a 'sabit' pero I'm glad the Indios are doing something fruitful. That doesn't mean Indios are fruity and snobbish.

Far from it.

Bravo Indios!

I love going to exhibits. Thanks for the info!

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