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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Windows of Batanes

I am back from a week of hibernation and I am coming back with some great photos to share!
Read on....

I was fascinated at how this PC computer perched on the table with the window as its backdrop.

Instantly, I got an idea for my blog, and windows became my fetish during my short Batanes sojourn, so the title:
Windows of Batanes.

Aside from the colorful, but otherwise monotonous blue paint of windows in almost every house, I find the windows of Batanes houses brimming with character. The reason for blue colored windows (they have a penchant for blue color) is the color being attributed to the color of the sea. True enough, Ivatans have a daily commune with the sea, not mentioning its mountains and rolling hills of greenery. The way the windows were built also serves a very practical reason. They are built receding a few inches from the outer wall (like an awning) which would prevent strong winds during typhoon to ram through the windows.

Take a quick look through these windows, and get the feel of actually peeking through them:

The windows of Batanes houses speak about one’s socio-economic status.
There are windows that have gone through tough and rough times

and everything that one person can see from within or from outside only resides in the deep recesses of memories, if there is one at all.

There are some that looks drab.

But the one can never be bereft of something that mesmerizes the tired senses.
Others are simply beautiful in their own way,

And some continue to exude beauty and unfazed by life’s difficulties.

It always pays when you see from within, and discover the beauty beyond.

Some become a reflecting mirror (literally and figuratively)

And of course, a very common practical use—windows are used for communicating with your neighbors or visitors.

This one serves for the dweller to see more of the outside world.

Which window are you?

See more of my photos at :

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Lovely photos, it reminded me of one of our travel books here at home about Singapore through the city streets. I liked the first window. It's dainty. Plus, it has shutters. It made me nostalgic of the shutters from my old boarding house.

Thanks for sharing your photos. :)

Just an aside: what do you plan to do with the domain and hosting you won? Are you building a new personal site?

Frances, thanks for dropping by. In fact, I could not wait for my next blog about Batanes.

About the my personal website, I am still tinkering about its form and content. Nonetheless, I will also share them to you.

Your beautiful shots just inspired me to become more aware of such architectural subject, and also someday do a similar collection of shots. Doors and gates interesting, too :)

Why not, Eric? At the time I was taking these photos, I was also searching for a new window in my life. Sort of a reflection-turned into photographs.

Sabi ni atty pulido, maganda nga raw ang batanes.
Worth visiting by my frenchman.
Sige, uwi ako, para puntahan k yan, to check also, kung tunay ba talaga yang photos mo, lol

happy weekdays!

Francesca, if your Frenchman does like rustic beauty and laid back holiday (without the night life), then Batanes is for you...

Natawa naman ako sa comment mo about my photos...hehe...

Good day!

seems silly that we all venture towards places abroad... when the Philippines is absolutely teeming with untold sensual delights =]

traveling's a blessing =]

safe journeys always!

Doc Ian! Thanks for dropping was your Finland trip, btw?

Indeed, travelling is a blessing...and a life-learning experience.

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