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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Egosurfing "Pinoy Explorer"

When I registered my previous travel blog hosted in "" into its own dotcom now called, I did not realize that there are two other "pinoy explorers" in the net.  One is hosted in and the other one is a Philippine TV program hosted by actor Aga Muhlach.  So this is my disclaimer that this similarities are purely unintentional.  I think the article "the" made the difference when I was registering, and I was the first one who registered my branding as "The Pinoy Explorer".  Besides, the other one is a TV program, and I do not intend to compete with them.

Anyway, worried that my dotcom might suffer from these similarities, it seems the other way around.  Perhaps, I, unintentionally, benefit from the online searches.   So I tried to egosurf. You see this is not for vanity's sake.  I am trying to find out how well fares in the world wide web.  So here are the results of this egosurfing:

Yahoo search: The Pinoy Explorer places 2nd in page one (1).

Google search: The Pinoy Explorer places 4th, 5th, and 6th in page one (1)

I say, not bad for a start, right?

I think that there are four (4) factors that affect this trend:

  1. My readers - who have been following The Pinoy Explorer over the past months since I resurrected it in May-June last year (2010).
  2. Facebook - in Google search Facebook helped pump up my visibility,
  3. Google Plus - I think a few Google+ it and there you go that made it appear in the search.
  4. Cross-posting it in this blog - this blog is older and definitely has gained residency in SEO and cross-posting some of the articles in this blog is definitely a plus.  Take the article on Batanes' oldest house, for example.

In this regard, "thank you" is not enough, but just the same, I express my gratitude to all my readers and followers for the support!

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Hi, the domain itself has the effect with the search engine optimization. But I guess it isn't wise enough to use "pinoy explorer" as keywords on search engines. If you would try using the google keywords tool, there are only 12 local monthly searches with that exact keyword phrase. Meaning, not everyone uses that keyword to search about filipino travelers. Besides, a usual google user wouldn't probably think about using those words to find pinoy adventurers. If I would search blogs about pinoy travelers, I'd probably use the keyword phrasing "filipino travelers". If you want to be on top of the search engine, your domain is one key plus the right keywords to use. Yours basically came on the top list because of your domain name. I would suggest you try picking a keyword that is mostly used by your target audience and work on it. Just my take. God bless you on your exploration this year. :)

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