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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Pinoy Explorer | Calapan Bay by day and night

Calapan Bay by day and nightInitially, I thought it was just an ordinary daily scene. But then peeping through the grills of the fence that separates the sea and the hotel, I noticed some people gleaning (it was a lowtide). Again, another dramatic scene I always wanted to capture through my lenses. So, I dashed back to my room and grabbed my camera backpack and in minutes, I was shooting the beautiful scenery. Thus for three mornings, what could be better than enjoying morning sun, sniffing the salty sea air, savoring your coffee while admiring this God-given scenery? Lovely, isnt't it?

Read more at: Calapan Bay by day and night ~ THE PINOY EXPLORER

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the picture is really pretty. did you edit it?
summer is coming and i need a place to go on my vacation.
this place in the picture looks like paradise. and the way you describe it - magnificent.

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