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Friday, July 29, 2011

Explored!: Reloaded


Maintaining several blogs can be quite laborious, especially if you begin to suddenly face a writer's block--or worse, you have nothing to write about [because you feel that everyone is writing about it anyway] or simply you are dead beat or simply does not have anything to write at all.

I have wanting to blog every so often, but I was up for something that I have protracted for so long.  It is my travel blog called "Explored!"  This has been shelved for more than a year and it is only now that it is beginning to take its own pace and have its own following.  Unlike my Mono-logues blog, which has gained a relatively strong following, Explored! needed more push, which in the end, made this blog suffer.

Anyway, enough of ranting and justifying. I would just like to invite the readers of this blog to cross over Explored! for some stories about my travels. See you there!

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